Mechanical Solutions Inc.

Holyoke Hospital
Holyoke Hospital:
Recently installed (2) Armstrong Dual Arm Pumps with Integral Variable Speed Drives with Sensorless Technology.
4302 DE-IVS 8x8x10 20 HP 800 GPM @ 75’ for condenser Water
4302 8x8x11 ½ 40 HP 1000 GPM @ 90’ chilled water
Armstrong Dual Arm Pumps utilize (2) pumps with a common suction and discharge flange. Both the suction and discharge have a built in isolation valve which allows either half of the pump to be isolated and worked on while the other pump still operates, discharge side has built in check valve to eliminate recirculation between the two sides. Suction and Discharge Ports are one pipe size larger than its individual pump equivalent would be for parallel operation
Reduces Labor 50%
Reduces Space50%
Reduces Material Cost 50%