Mechanical Solutions Inc.

Armstrong Pump - HVAC & Plumbing Pumps, Controls, CBV's, Triple Duty Valves, Suction Guides, Domestic Water Boosters, Vertical Column Sump/Sewage Pumps, Bronze Recirc Pumps, Design Envelope, U Tube - Plate & Frame or Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers, Vortex Air Separators, Glycol Feed Packages, Dirt & Air Separators, HVAC Skid Mounted Packaged Systems, Expansion Tanks, Circulating Pumps, etc...

Armstrong International - It's pretty obvious, really. An efficient steam trap wastes less energy, which means you burn less fuel and reduce emissions. The results are energy savings and a cleaner, healthier environment. By helping companies manage energy, Armstrong steam traps are also helping protect the world we all share

Brimar Industries - Supplying pipe markers and valve tags for over 25 years. provides superior service and the highest quality pipe labeling products.

Carter Pump - Plunger Pumps, Diaphragm Pumps, Pneumatic Ejectors, ITT Marlow replacement Parts, Komline Sanderson Replacement Parts. Since 1897 Carter Pump has inspired a generation of innovation and created an entire industry and still has the most reliable pump on the market today.

CSI is home to the industry's most capable engineering team with the ability to create complete custom systems to meet your specific needs, including PLCs, variable frequency drives, specialized digital controllers, highly sophisticated telemetry equipment and more.

Custom Conveyor Corporation - Conveying Systems, Storage Systems, Separation Compaction, Specialty Products. Custom Conveyor Corp specializes in material handling solutions for Municipal water and wastewater treatment facilities and general industrial applications.


DeraggerThe key feature of the DERAGGER+ low-voltage, electronic pump management system is real-time pump monitoring.

This enables the patented technology in the DERAGGER+ to identify and eliminate potential pump clogs, monitor the long-term condition of the pumps and reduce wear and tear caused by unbalanced loads.

By maintaining a clean impeller at all times, the DERAGGER+ ends the time-consuming and costly necessity of manually lifting pumps, thus eliminating downtime and other costs associated with pump ragging.

Dynamix - Agitators was borne out of the Energy and Natural Resources of Northern Canada. The success of our Agitators and Mixers is built on more than 45 years of process engineering experience. This means that our engineers can address more than just your mechanical mixer requirements. We work to understand your process and applications.

Evoqua Water Technologies is a leader in water and wastewater treatment products, systems and services for industrial and municipal customers. We offer a wide range of proven products and advanced water and wastewater treatment technologies, solutions and service options.  

Floway Pump

Floway Vertical Turbine Pumps:

More than 75 years experience has provided FLOWAY® PUMPS with the expertise to manufacture a versatile line of vertical turbine pumps for a wide range of applications.

Griswold Controls - PIC-V Pressure Independent Control Valves, MVP Pressure Independent Control Valves. Automizer Combination Control Valves, Unimizer 2 & 3 Way Actuated Ball Valves, Quickset Manaual Balancing Valves, Automatic Flow Controls, Coil Piping Packages / Coil Hook Ups, Piping Components and Accessories, Pre-Assembled Coil Hook Ups with Hose Kits

Heat Timer - PLL Pump Lead Lag Control, Steam Heating Controls, Hydronic Reset Controls, Sequencing Setpoint Controls, Remote Communications, Digital Setpoint Controls, Radiant / Residential Controls, Tempering Valves.


Homa Pump - Line of Dry Pit & Submersible Non-Clog, Grinder & Effluent  Pumps are designed for pumping municipal and industrial wastewater, sewage, effluent, and liquPds containing solids and fibers. With single-vane, multi-vane, and vortex impellers available with large solids passages, motors from 3 hp to 500 hp, and FM approved explosion proof variants for operation in hazardous locationsHom Pump - Available in All Stainless Steel construction.

Hydromatic Pump - Non Clog Submersible Pumps. Dry Pit Submersible Pumps, Grinder Pumps, Vortex Pumps, Self Priming Pumps, Sump and Effluent Pumps, Packaged Lift Stations, Control Panels, Pump Removal Systems, Packaged Self Priming Pump Systems, Packaged Grinder Pump Systems.

JCS Industries, Inc. was founded in 2002 as a product development company charged with developing an alternative to the current vacuum feed liquid doser technology for a worldwide manufacturer of water and waste treatment equipment. After one year of design and two years of beta testing, JCS developed the Model 4100 Automatic Vacuum Liquid Feeder

Lutz-Jesco - Total Fluid Management: Metering Pumps, AODD Pumps, Chemical Feed Systems, Peristalic Pumps, Measuring & Control, System Accessories. Lutz-JESCO America Corp., has injected liquid chemicals into the Water, Wastewater, Power, Swimming Pool, and Chemical Processing Industries for over 70 years. Our Proportioneer and Yarway Cyclo/Phragm pump models 1200, 1700 & 5700 are still available under the Lutz-JESCO logo and are shipped worldwide

Lobe Pro: Our rotary lobe pumps are typically used to pump sludge to and from thickeners, separators (such as belt presses, centrifuges, rotary presses), digesters, clarifiers. They are in fact suitable for pumping any WWTP sludge which has had the hard solids over 1/8” and most grit removed for flows up to 2000 gpm and pressures up t0 150 PSI.

The Mastrrr Company manufacturers a variety of chemical induction ultra highrate flash mixers and gas cylinder heating blankets for the municipal water and wastewater industry. The induction unit eliminates the need for water supplies, boosterpumps, ejectors, diffusers and mechanical or static mixers.

Merrick - Quality Weigh Belt Feeders, Loss in Weight Feeders, Belt Scales, Impact Flow Meters, & Custom Designed Dynamic Weighing and Material Handling Solutions.

In addition to weigh feeders, conveyor belt scales, and impact flow meters, MERRICK also features state-of-the-art lime silo systems.  MERRICK offers both lime slaking systems and the rapidly growing High Density Lime Systems (HDLS) invented and pioneered by ConSeCo.


Morrison Pump Company
Morrison specializes in the engineering design and state of the art manufacture of high capacity water pumps. Our pumps are the leading water pumps used in flood control, stormwater pumping, water and wastewater treatment, aquaculture, irrigation and drainage, environmental water management, and much more. Morrison Axial Flow and Mixed Flow Pumps offer a wide range of hydraulic coverage and are known for their high efficiency, durability and longevity.

Nimbus Advance Cooling
NIMBUSUnlike traditional cooling systems, the VIRGA III hybrid adiabatic cooling system eliminates standing water in favor of a fully closed coolant path, and the intermittent use of fresh water to augment the system’s cooling capacity only on the hottest days of the year. This hybrid adiabatic cooling technology ultimately preserves water, health, and energy and reduces operating costs.

Patterson Pump
Patterson Pump - technology helps transform even wastewater into a valuable resource. Our H2O Works™ Municipal Pumps are reliable workhorses when it comes to accommodating the ebb and flow of major municipal sewage and storm water systems. Within the treatment plant where throughput is critical, our pumps are up to the task. When treatment is complete, the cycle comes full circle as pumped outflow becomes a water resource once more

Roth: A world leader in hydronic radiant heating systems, Roth Industries offers a unique way to clear snow and ice: The ROTH Snow and Ice-melt System. This hot new concept means that you can install the latest, most effective heating system in the world, with our guarantee of superior technology combined with innovative design and highest-quality materials

SEE Water, Inc. - designs and manufacturers water pump controls, high liquid alarms, and pump control panels, with a primary focus on the design of Oil Smart® Technology.Oil Smart Technology has the unique ability to differentiate between oil and water; the technology will automatically pump water without the risk of pumping oil into the environment and will alert in the event of an oil spill. As a leading manufacturer of pump control panels, SEEWater is a UL/CUL 508 approved panel shop with a diverse range of electronic design capabilities.

Shipco Pumps - Condensate Pumps, Boiler Feed Units, Surge Tanks, Vacuum Units, Dearators, Specialty & Turbine Pump Units, Custom Built Packages, Replacement Pumps can be directly bolted to existing ITT Domestic & Hoffman. Other pumps can be easilly retrofitted to receivers by using the Shipco adapter flange


Statiflo -  has the most extensive range of Motionless Mixers, for pipes and open channels, suitable for blending, dosing and gas / liquid mass transfer applications in:

  • Municipal and industrial water treatment
  • Municipal and industrial wastewater treatment

Statiflo’s unique customised approach to static mixer design provides the most effective mixing solutions for both new treatment plants and retrofits to existing plants in an industry wide trend away from continuously stirred tanks.

Topp Industries, Inc. - is a proven leader in the sewage, sump and wastewater markets, offering a full line of high-quality environmentally responsible products, including basins, covers, prefabricated lift stations and accessories.

Toshiba - Variable Speed Drives.

Provides the right features for HVAC applications

  • offers unmatched value in installed cost and functionality
  • allows building owners, consulting engineers and contractors to focus on the essentials for commercial building applications

Unisource Mfg.
Unisource - Seismic & Thermal Loops, V Loops, Stainless Steel & Rubber Pump Connectors, Rubber Expansion Joints, Flexible Metal Hose, Expansion Joints, Expansion Compensators, Externally Pressurized Expansion Joints, Seismic Expansion Joints, Pipe Guides, Check Valves, Wye Strainers, Basket Strainers, Flanged X Grooved Adapters, Air Vents, Pipe Anchors.

Vanton Pump
Vanton Pump - The wet end components of every Vanton pump are made from corrosion and abrasion resistant engineered plastics such as, polypropylene (PP), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC), and polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF). Completely inert, these thermoplastics are impervious to acids, caustics, salts, solvents, chlorides, halogens, and other aggressive, abrasive chemicals that can attack pumps made of metals, plastic or rubber lined metals, and fiberglass reinforced plastics.

Wilo Pumpis one of the leading manufacturers of Sewage Pumps and Submersible Mixers for water supply, sewage and drainage.