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The Right Mix.
Do you have the right mix?
The primary efficiency improvement in Wilo’s TR family of mixers can be seen in our medium speed mixers.

Wilo uses gear driven mixers in the medium size range, as opposed to the direct driven units used by most competitors. Since Wilo uses either 4 or 6 pole motors and up to 14 different gear sets per propeller diameter—we offer up to 28 different speeds per propeller diameter and speeds of 150 to 450 rpm. A direct driven unit is available at 14, 12, 10 or 8 poles for a maximum of 4 different speeds per propeller diameter and speeds of 514 to 900 rpm. This allows us to “dial in” the most efficient selection.

 Secondly, it takes more energy to spin a propeller faster than slower. Since we are generally operating at a much slower propeller speed, we consume less energy to perform the same job while simultaneously providing superior mechanical reliability.


Lastly, our polyurethane propellers can be cast in an infinite number of shapes—we are able to provide absolute optimal hydraulics. Most competitors use a flat metal blade which is so inefficient that they mount a ring around the perimeter of the blade to re-direct the wasted flow. All major competitors use non-metallic blades in their largest “banana blade” mixers because it is the most efficient design—we carry this to our medium speed mixers as well.