Mechanical Solutions Inc.



Scope of Work:

  • Disassembled pump, cleaned and transported to service center for inspection and evaluation.
  • Enclosing tube to be replaced in favor of product lubricted lineshaft bearing assembly, bearings. Bearings and tubing had extensive wear and corrosion.
  • Discharge head has been welded (Built-UP) and re-machined to eliminate revlieved register for normal motor tolerenece fit up. Jacking posts eliminated.
  • Discharge head dialed in for concentricity to gland register; inverted, and dialed-in to base flange.
  • Impeller, bowl shaft and sand collar found to be in excellent condition, within new pump specification and was re-used.
  • Impeller skirt and suction case cleaned, re-machined, and refitted with new wear ring.
  • Two (2) new, oversized aluminum bronze bearing  retainers with rubber bearing inserts were cast, machined to an exact machining to existing flanged column.
  • A new 10.44”  Stainless steel pipe is under manufacture to house discharge bearings.
  • Suction bearing (Worn and .020 out of tolerance) is on order and/or will be manufactured.  Discharge bearings out .020-.040 and are being replaced.
  • Marine bowl bearing is replaced.
  • New packing box w/ integral bronze bearing and packing is installed