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Tuna - Duck Key FL May 2018
Tuna - Duck Key FL May 2018
Darrell's Daughter Danielle with a 2012 Spring Turkey!
Doug Blanchflower from Base Mechanical with striper caught on the Rhonda Lee III in the fog and surf last Friday evening (5/25/2012)

Just returned from my fourth trip to the invitational. This is third time I ran a dog.


This time was very special because I had my wife and daughter with me. Danielle is now old enough that she helped me train for this one. Of course the one sad part is my dad couldn’t be there. When I closed my eyes I could feel him there though.
The dogs did awesome even if Decker didn’t quite pass. I think all the dogs that attended from our chapter actually did well. I was lucky enough to gun for Suzzi, Mike and Vicky. Mike’s hank was great but just couldn’t quite put the running birds together and point them before they bumped. It was painful to watch him back the other dog perfectly, hunt great  and just pray for one more nice clean find which just never happened.


I didn’t get to gun for or watch much of Larry running Auggie. I did see him do the double mark and jump into Larry’s arms after it was all over. Auggie marks the 6th VC I have been directly involved in training.


Rhonda, Danielle and I had an awesome time reacquainting with old friends and meeting new ones. I am always impressed with the exceptional people which make up the NAVHDA organization.


I have attached a picture of my daughter and her new VC Lil the AM after the big day. Danielle, Decker, Lil and me just before the national anthem. ( if you get the chance to stand there and it doesn’t take your breath away your dead. Do it with your kid and the feeling can’t be described)and Lil in mid air at the double mark.

Miami March 2005
Barraccuda - Miami March 2005